Root Canal Treatment – Bedford, TX

Your Pain-Free Smile Awaits

There is nothing worse than a painful toothache. However, while most can be alleviated with antibiotics, dental floss, or even a dental filling or crown, others may require more invasive techniques such as root canal treatment. Designed to treat and eliminate infected areas within a tooth, the process is one that not only alleviates pain but prevents tooth extraction. If you are curious to know more about root canal treatment in Bedford, call us today.

Why Choose Meadow Park Family Dentistry for Root Canal Treatment?

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What Happens During a Root Canal?

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning inside a tooth during root canal treatment

After administering local anesthesia to numb the area of the mouth with the infected tooth, a dental dam is used to cover the tooth from saliva and other moisture. A small opening is then made on the top of the tooth so that our team can easily access the inner canals. After clearing away any infection and debris, a biocompatible solution known as gutta-percha is put into place to help seal off the tooth from future reinfection. Later, a customized dental crown is placed on top to safeguard the tooth while it strengthens over time.