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Can I Just Brush My Dentures While They’re in My Mouth?

June 4, 2024

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Dentures lying on a table

When people get dentures, they’re often astonished by just how realistic they really are. Modern prosthetics are meticulously designed to fit your mouth perfectly, making them so beautiful and comfortable that patients sometimes don’t want to take them off!

If that sounds like you, you might wonder whether it’s possible to clean your dentures without actually taking them out, brushing them like you would your normal teeth. Here’s what you should know about that prospect.


You Are What You Eat: How Dentures Affect Nutrition

May 1, 2024

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Man with dentures eating

Even after you stop growing, proper nutrition is still imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, as you age your nutrition can become even more important than it was in your youth, especially when dealing with many of the challenges your body faces over time.

Unfortunately, however, it can be difficult to get proper nutrition as an older adult, especially when wearing dental prosthetics like dentures. Dentures can replace lost teeth, but because they are not secured to your jaw, they simply do not have the same bite force as your natural teeth or as dental implants.


What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Denture Sores?

April 12, 2024

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Man has oral pain

While denture sores should be a rare occurrence, they can happen in some cases. While they’re most likely to develop during the first several weeks of wearing a new set of dentures, they can also mean that the dentures need to be relined due to the jaw changing shape. If your denture sores are big and painful, if you think they might be infected, or if they haven’t gone away after two weeks, they can be a reason to be concerned. Here’s a quick overview of denture sores and how they can be treated.


Family Matters: Can Genes Cause Tooth Stains?

March 14, 2024

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A closeup of a smile with deep tooth stains

Stained teeth tend to result from poor choices. After all, a smile can turn yellow or brown from meals, poor oral hygiene, smoking, etc. However, you may question whether your lifestyle is the only factor at work. Perhaps you’re even wondering, “Can genes cause tooth stains, too?” It’d certainly make sense if you are. Well, your Bedford dentist is here to answer that question. Read on to learn how stained teeth can be hereditary and how cosmetic dentistry would help out.


Before You Beautify: Why Oral Health Is Important for Cosmetic Dentistry

February 9, 2024

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Dentist and patient after cosmetic dentistry

Dreaming of a flawless smile? Cosmetic dentistry is the best way to turn that dream into reality. However, before you dive into procedures like veneers, whitening, or implants, there’s a critical factor to consider—your oral health. But why does the health of your gums and teeth matter if you’re going to have them covered up?

Read on to learn why your oral health should be in check before you undergo cosmetic dentistry treatment.


Combat Holiday Dental Stain With These 7 Easy Tips

January 2, 2024

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With all the fun and busyness going on in Bedford during the holiday season, it can be easy to put your oral care on the back burner and start neglecting your teeth more than normal. Plus, this time of year usually involves more tooth-staining foods and beverages than we typically tend to enjoy. Here are some easy ways to combat holiday tooth discoloration and keep your smile bright.


Common Problems Caused by Gapped Teeth

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Do you have gaps or wide spaces between your teeth? Maybe you do but you’re not bothered by their appearance. However, having widely spaced teeth holds other concerns besides just the way they look.

There are certain dental problems that are caused by, or more likely to occur when you have excessive spacing. Here are just a few:


Why it’s Best to Treat Cavities Early

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Cavities are not always visible. They can develop under old fillings or between teeth, making them more challenging to locate. Unfortunately, cavities can spread rapidly, affecting adjacent teeth and causing more aggressive infections such as abscessed teeth. If you feel sweet sensitivity, tenderness, or get food caught in your teeth frequently, be sure to let Dr. Buchupally know.


What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea and How Can My Dentist Screen for It?

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Are you having trouble sleeping? Does your partner or spouse complain about snoring and gasping for breath throughout the night? You could be suffering from obstructive or sleep-disordered breathing, a type of clinical sleep apnea.


Why Do I Need a Filling if My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt?

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Tooth decay isn’t as threatening as it once was. In the past, most dentists treated cavities with typical amalgam (silver) restorations. Now, dentists can detect and treat with less invasive restorations that are safer for teeth.

Even so, most people have concerns about fillings or tooth decay in general. To help you prepare for your next appointment, we’ve produced a list of the most common things the team at Meadow Park Family Dentistry wants you to know why you shouldn’t put off having an exam or treating that small filling.

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